Botanical Name: Erythrophleum guineense
Other Common Names: Alui, Erun, Kassa, Mauve, Missanda, Mwaui, Potrodom, Sassword, Tali
Common Uses: Domestic flooring, Heavy construction, Framing, Bridge construction, Railroad ties, Dockwork, Bridge beams, Bridge joists, Building construction, Building materials, Cabin construction, Construction, Crossties, Docks, Factory construction, Flooring, Harbor work, Marine construction, Mine timbers, Parquet flooring, Sub-flooring
Region: Africa
Country: Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zaire, Zambia
Distribution: The growth range of variuos species in this genus is reported to extend from the east to the west coast of Africa. The species are reported to occur in evergreen, deciduous, and savannah forests.