Chanfuta – Lumber Packs

Moulds 1. Termites D. The natural contents substances wich makes afzelia more durable, lixivate in water. Afzelia is therefore less durable under constant moist conditions in water and/or ground contact or in bad ventilated spaces.

Volumic mass
(620-)820 (-950) kg/m3 at 12% moisture content, green timber 1100 kg/m3.

We are Supplier of Chanfuta wood logs (Origin – Mozambique). Wood detail are as under. Product Name :- Chanfuta wood – Scientific Name :- Afzelia Quanzensis Other Names :- Pod-Mahogany, Mahogany Bean, Peulmanhonia, Mkehli, Uvala, Papao, Pauconta, Lingue, Kpendei, Bolengu Uses :– This wood is used mainly for doors, windows, Floors and staircases. Dimension would be Length :- 225 cm to 300 cm Width :- 30 cm to 45 cm Thickness :- 30 cm to 45 cm