Timber Logs

Chanate & Black Wood

The wood has a natural resistance to saliva and the grain is very fine. It is one of the world’s finest turning woods and takes the finest details, making it also one of the best for ornamental turning. The specific gravity is between 1.0 and 1.2, with a dry weight around 78 pounds per cubic foot.

African Padauk

The wood:
Reddened after exposure ; sapwood pale straw to whitish , well defined. Moderate to thick texture; average brightness, This wood is very hard what means that all cutting tools must be appropriate, uses: This wood is used mainly for doors, windows , floors and stairs.


The wood:
Heartwood highly variable , pale brown uniform, brown gold , chocolate brown , brick red or brown with dark purple or redder streaks ; sapwood pale yellow or gray , clearly defined. medium to coarse texture ; uses: It is used for furniture , flooring.


The wood:
Heartwood dark brown to almost black with alternate layers of light and dark tissue forming a decorative figure ; sapwood yellowish white , clearly demarcated . rather coarse texture; straight grain. It weighs 800-870 kg / m3 with a 12% humidity, uses: It is often used for flooring, general construction.