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Reliable Lumber & Boards Exports service since 2002 . We are not just exporting Wood. We are building dreams.

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umbilaExcellent timber used mainly for furniture, joinery and decorative veneer. Also suitable for general construction work and for marine uses.


Chanfuta - Umbilla

This wood is used mainly for doors, windows, Floors and staircases.
Rough square logs, Building construction.



Used for: Heavy construction, Mine timbers, Shipbuilding, Boat building, Cabinetmaking, Musical instruments , Joinery, Furniture , Bedroom suites,

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We accept orders with specific measures, or full wood/timber in logs. we guarantee the best quality of our product, bringing to the world best price and best quality.

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We have great pleasure to serve you! your satisfaction is our Goal, we are here 24/07 to help you. do not hesitate to contact us any time of the day or night.

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The philosophy we adopted , allows us to be leaders within the best prices in the larger markets, or simply we bit any price at the wood global market.

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